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Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity Campaign for Veterans Gains Support from UAM Power

March 09, 2021

Chicago, IL, March 09, 2021 –(– Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity (FVHFH) has received a pledge of support from UAM Power for the construction of 100-plus, affordable single-family homes for veterans its publicist announced today. The assistance will be utilized during the development and zoning phase of a 50-acre lot in Yorkville, IL.

UAM Power, an international energy consultancy with offices in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, is advising and contributing as the solar supplier to the FVHFH project. The organization’s aim is to increase the project’s energy efficiency by providing access to renewable energy.

The five-year project, known as Operation Home America, will also house lower-income families, seniors, abused women and children, and at-risk populations. A large part of this group is currently homeless or in need of affordable housing.

“Collaboration with trusted organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, which have a long-standing legacy of service to the community, only enhances our ability to achieve our goal of saving people money while helping to save the planet,” stated Tim Carlmark, Executive Vice President for UAM Power.

Dr. Robert Renteria, a U.S. Army veteran and non-commissioned officer spoke about how veterans are affected by a lack of affordable housing and the impact UAM Power will have on Operation Home America.

“It is a disgrace that veterans are sleeping on the same streets that they fought to protect,” stated Dr. Robert Renteria, Spokesperson for Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. “We are honored to partner with United American Marketing to strengthen our efforts in rectifying this situation,” he concluded.

Almost a quarter of a million veterans currently live in Illinois. 34 percent are living at or below the median annual income level. Eight percent survive on an annual income of $10,000 to $15,000.

For information including how to donate to the project, please visit or call 630-206-5030.

About Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity

Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. It is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide. Members work in partnership with people from all faiths and races to develop communities for people in need by building and renovating houses while creating homeownership opportunities. As a grassroots organization, it is independently operated under the greater Habitat Covenant.

About UAM Power

UAM Power is an international energy consultancy with offices in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. For the past 15 years, its mission is to sustain a positive influence in society by helping energy customers increase their energy efficiency, and provide access to renewable energy at the lowest rate. To date, 300 independent sales representatives have enrolled almost 300,000 residential and commercial; and residential customers on behalf of some of the largest energy suppliers in the world. UAM Power also designs and installs solar arrays for residential and commercial customers. Partnering with the most innovative solar companies helps UAM Power deliver the environmental benefits of solar energy to the public. For additional information please visit

About Dr. Robert Renteria

Dr. Robert Renteria is an executive trainer, professional speaker, and spokesperson for Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity and From the Barrio Foundation. He is also a disabled U.S. army veteran. During his seven-plus year career, Dr. Renteria served in many capacities and leadership roles. He was an elite soldier, former paratrooper, and non-commissioned officer. In Nuremberg, Germany he served in tactical operations. While deployed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina he was assigned to psychological operations and spearheaded the reactivation of the 3rd Special Forces Group. For more information, call 312-933-5619 and visit

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